Deutsches Museum

My friend and I ate an early lunch today so we could get to the museums we wanted to see. So I ended up starting a beer before noon today… I feel kind of accomplished. And sorry, Dad, I tried a pilsner today and didn’t like it. And despite getting done with lunch in a timely fashion, there was just too much to see at the Deutsches Museum to even go to the other one we wanted to see. But we’ll fit it in before the end of the trip.

I think the most impressive part of the museum was the large ship they had in the middle of the front room. The first exhibits we looked at were all about boats and airplanes.

From there we went to the exhibits on optics and sound. I thought the old microscope display was really neat. There was also an entire section dedicated to musical instruments.

Space! By the way, the Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle is a 1:1 replica. You could definitely tell because they painted on the wheels to make it look like it went through lunar soil. They totally wouldn’t do that on the original (and why would they have the original, anyways?).

Probably my favorite exhibits were the printing and photography ones. I may have mentioned before that I find old advertisements fascinating. The printing press room was, therefore, awesome. I also thought the photography room was really well put together.

Despite being the largest museum of science and technology in the world, the Deutsches Museum’s robotics exhibit was small and outdated.

There were a lot of interactive physics demos in the museum having to do with magnets, electricity, mechanical work, and plenty of other topics. I’ll end this post with a picture of me doing one of the demos that shows conservation of angular momentum.


It was fun.


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